Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Day- Blue Lemon

Our girls day lead us to blue lemon for lunch! I've been once before and I loved it then so I figured I'd love it again. And Yes I loved it. The atmosphere is really fun, relaxed, hip and reminds me of what of something you'd see in New York maybe.

I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad and as you can tell I was super excited to dig in!
My Salad came in a bowl, so hipster. But what I really loved was that I had lots of greens in my salad as opposed to some Oriental salads which sometimes overload on cabbage and wontons

Whitney got her usual Raspberry Chicken Salad which was huge although the picture does not lead you to believe so! But it looked amazing! She also got a side Butternut squash soup, which she let me try and it was quite tasty.
Sometimes Whitney and I take really great pics and other times we don't. This is one of those times that it was really great. Hey whit, cute shirt:) But seriously Blue Lemon was a nice touch to our girls day and so refreshing! The rest of our girls day will be coming at ya on wednesday. Until then check out our rad giveway!



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