Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer List: Day at the Zoo

Crossing another Summer Bucket List item off of the chalkboard! Today we woke up early and went to Utah's Hogle Zoo.  Nicole and I met up with some of my friends for some animal watchin'!

The first animals you see at the zoo are of course the monkeys. There are so many different species of monkeys, this guy was my favorite. He had full on sideburns...loved it!

After we saw the monkeys we went and looked at the elephants, tigers, gorillas, birds, reptiles, etc. My camera battery ended up dying after only a few pictures. Bummer! My friend had her camera and was able to snap a few pictures of Mia that she will hopefully send to me! After watching the polar bear swim on his back the little kiddos saw the carousel and just had to ride on it. Mia's face just lit up the whole entire ride.

 When we saw the Tiger he was outside and being pretty vocal. Mia got scared and was holding on for dear life begging "Chair,Chair,Chair". {She wanted to get back in the stroller} Then we went and saw the gorillas. The gorilla started banging on the wall and then ran past the windows and banged on all the windows really fast. It was pretty scary and she got freaked out and now is scared every time she sees a gorilla. Hopefully she isn't traumatized!
We also rode on the train and played on the playland. We decided it was time to head home and grab some lunch. On the way home we passed The Sweet Tooth Fairy and decided to get some cupcakes and cake bites for our little treat and since we are searching for the best cupcake in Salt Lake it worked out perfect! Can I just say YUMMY. So moist and delicious but more on those later.Such a fun day at the zoo. Mia was so worn out she was begging to take a nap. Now time for me to relax a little!



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