Friday, August 3, 2012

The World Needs More...


I was first introduced to Rita's while visiting my sister in Maryland two years ago. They ranted and raved about it. What is Rita's? It is not your typical custard or ice-cream shop. It is light and refreshing. They serve Italian Ice and custard. With different flavors of the day you never know what flavors they have but you know it is going to be good. You can get it with just Italian Ice, Ice & Custard {Gelati}, Blended Ice, Custard and cookie {Blendini}, custard only, or Blended Ice & Custard (Misto Shake). My personal favorite is the Gelati. The last two days we have had LONG days at six flags. On our way home from Six Flags today we stopped and picked up some Rita's. Just what we needed. Mia had her first Rita's and it was love at first Rita's. She ran around eating it saying "mmm yummy".  Dear Rita's: I wish you were in Utah. THE END.


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  1. I'm driving through Atlanta next month and you just convinced me to find a Rita's and stop in for a gelati. They should pay you for awesome advertisement haha


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