Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Farmers Market- Summer List

Whitney and Mia had a sleepover Friday night, one because she was a hunters widow and two because we decided we wanted cross off yet another summer activity before time was up. So off we headed to the Salt Lake Farmers Market! I wasn't sure what to expect but once we got there I was in love with it all as you will be able to see in our photos.

The ladies trying Hummus. Jenna and her hummus.
And me trying the raw pure honey. It's amazing and I'm sold on it.
Lets just get one thing straight. I hate chocolate. So when we walked up to the Chocolate Conspiracy I had no intentions of even trying it. Then everyone was raving about it and they mentioned it had coconut so I was sold on giving it a try. Sure glad I did cause it was AMAZING! I'm not saying I could eat any more that a sample of it but boy was that sample to die for. And guess what it's vegan. Cool.
Plenty of entertainment as you shop the markets.
Whitney sampling. Yes we did a lot of this while at the farmers market, we had to try everything we were on a tight budget.
Mia Loved the Watermelon.....
......As did we.
Golden raspberries... tried them for the first time at the farmers market and was instantly in love with them. Don't let the color deceive or scare you, they are well worth it.
Bottom left corner of this photo you will notice a white tub. It is honey coconut butter as stated on the label, I could eat this stuff by the tub full. So dang delicious! If I had one reason to go back it would be to load up on that stuff for the winter until next farmers market
We loved the downtown farmers market!
And finally one last photo, a group shot of all us girls on our girls day, summer list, farmers market adventure!

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  1. I've never seen golden raspberries before, how cool! And the chocolate looks amazing... but then again, I'm a huge chocolate fan haha


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