Friday, August 17, 2012

Fridays Letters


Dear Baby Girl, Please stop growing up. You are turning 2 tomorrow. I wish you could just stay little forever. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday. You are going to be so excited to receive all of your gifts!
Dear Birthday Party, I have been preparing for you all week long. Please go smoothly! Dear Mother Nature, please don't rain tomorrow. You rained at Mia's party last year and we had to all run inside my house to take cover. I know we really need the rain but just hold off for 2 more days! Dear Husband, I miss you. I can't wait until hunting season is over so that you aren't gone every weekend. Dear Redbox, Thank you for supplying me with entertainment while the hubs is gone. However, you are a little tricky. You offer a lot of chick-flicks for me to rent that I have never heard of. Down side of that is I start watching them and they are just a little too cheesy or dull. Oh well, I have already invested $1.20 so I might as well finish the movie. P.S. Why did you have to raise your prices?

Dear Summer, I can feel you fading...please stick around for a few more months.

 Dear Garden, I love the freshness that you bring into my life, ha ha, even if you are a lot of work you are totally worth it.

Happy Friday!



  1. Stopping by from the link up! I enjoyed reading your letters :)

    I totally agree about Redbox's chick flicks. Yet I get sucked in every time and my Mr. Is losiing patience with my movie picks!!


  2. Mia = so cute!
    Fingers crossed that the rain doesn't ruin her party!


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