Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fresh Garden Salsa

One thing about having a garden is that in one week's time it will completely change on you. We came back from Atlanta to tomatoes and peppers galore and massive zucchini and banana squash---all ripe for the picking. We are literally going to have so much squash this year I won't know what to do with myself. I'm already thinking of all the ways I can use banana squash. {Any creative ideas/recipes...please send them my way!} Since the harvesting has already begun I decided to start out by making some Fresh Garden Salsa. I have never actually made salsa on my own so I was a little nervous but how hard can it be, right? All I had to do was throw in some ingredients into my Food Processor and pulse.

From my garden:
Jalapeno Pepper
Pablano Pepper
Not from my garden:

 Let's just say the salsa turned out to be a success. When you are working with such fresh ingredients I think it is hard to go wrong

It is even better when you marry the salsa with the most amazing chips.

These are my favorite chips by leaps and bounds. While we were in Atlanta we emptied a few bags of these. Yum.
First garden harvest=success.



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