Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miley Cyrus- the role model?

Who would have thought that Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana would actually be setting a good example to other women? If you haven't heard the latest controversy, then I guess you are now! Basically, a news article mentioned that it appears Miley Cyrus has put on a little bit of weight. I don't do the whole Twitter thing but supposedly Miley Cyrus backlashed and came out on Twitter defending herself and other women. I am sure she is used to being critized, (I guess that is what comes with the fame) but good for her for standing up for herself!

As a woman I know that positive self body image can be a struggle. Many times I have to try to not  compare myself to other women. Especially women in Hollywood, it seems as though they have the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect clothing, perfect everything. There is an ideal out there that is just not realistic for women to achieve. What is most important is being healthy in your own skin and loving yourself for you. I am not always great at this but I know that when I feel healthy I am happier with myself.  Thanks Miley for the reminder that it is ok that I am not perfect and that I can love ME for ME.



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