Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What's on the menu for dinner tonight? Salmon, my favorite! With a side of ham fried rice. I know you are all wondering why I am posting about cooking, and why Whitney is not... well I don't really know other than the fact that I love salmon so much I just had to share, bare with me. Alright here I go. There is a secret to having delicious salmon at home, buy your salmon from Costco without the skin. This little tip will make all the difference to those of you who think you don't like fish.... or salmon. Now for the how to on making this delicious salmon.

The ingredients. Kosher Salt, Dill Weed, Black Pepper and Olive Oil.

The Salmon.

The first step is to sprinkle kosher salt across the top of the salmon. Then sprinkle some black pepper, and after that sprinkle dill weed on the salmon. You will then want to flip the salmon over and repeat this step on the other side.

Meanwhile you should get your frying pan out and ready with 1 to 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and butter in the pan medium high heat.

Place the seasoned salmon in the pan and cover it with a lid.

Let the salmon cook until browned for about ten minutes.

When the salmon is browned (as shown above, I promise it isn't burned) flip it to the other side. Turn the heat down to medium and let the other side cook for ten minutes or until it it cooked through. Each side should be brown like the picture above.

When finished, your salmon will hopefully look like this, or even better!

And finally you can indulge in this delicious salmon. Our family loves to have homemade ham fried rice with our salmon, but just as delicious is brown rice with some butter and salt&pepper.

There you have it friends, my favorite dinner of all time... okay so not my favorite but one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!!

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