Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gear Up

So now that I have decided to run the Ogden Marathon in May I am thinking it is time to get some new gear. First things first, I got a gym pass to my local rec center. I have just been working out at home and running outside but the temperature has dropped ridiculously low and lets be honest, it is just WAY too cold to run outside when it is below freezing. Yes, one morning I woke up to go running and it was a balmy 28 degrees... BRRR. Also, I really need new running shoes. I currently run in Nike's and they seem to be working out for me but they are starting to wear thing and have about seen their last day. I really need some suggestions, so if you have any please leave me a comment on what you prefer! But what I also need is some stylish new running clothes.

I saw this adorable headband and loved the colors!

I could pair the headband with this super cute orange sherbet colored jacket:

Pair it with some running tights from adidas (notice that adidas is in turquoise.... oh how I like LOVE turquoise)

And then throw a turquoise running tank underneath the jacket like this one:

Oh how cute would that be???? I'm only dreaming of course.... or just starting my Christmas wish list a little early. You decide which one! Now if only I could find the perfect pair of running shoes that were comfortable and perfect to run in that were also SUPER cute!! Why is it that the best running shoes are not always the cutest running shoes? I have definitely learned my lesson there. I picked out a cute pair of gray and turquoise running shoes because I just had to have them, turns out they aren't so great for long distance running. DARN, guess they will just have to make good gym shoes. If you find any perfect running shoes please feel free to send me a comment!



P.S. Go check out Sassy Babies' Blog for our first every guest post!! YAHOO!! We are SO excited about it!


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