Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life Changing Levi Jeans

I'm back from my Thanksgiving break. I took a little hiatus from blogging. But can you blame me? If you read Nicole's post yesterday you would know why! I was enjoying the warm(er) St. George weather, being around amazing family and of course- SHOPPING. I love Thanksgiving shopping, especially Black Friday but I do it the "old fashioned" way. I do not look ahead online at any of the Black Friday ads. I wait until the Thanksgiving newspaper comes and then my searching begins. I study all of the ads and decide what stores I want to go to.  The Mr. isn't a fan of this so he does his shopping online. I'm not very good at online shopping but he sure is and got some great steals.  I will then wake up super early and shop 'til I drop. I don't wait in line all day night in the freezing cold... I'm not that crazy! This year most of the stores that I wanted to shop at were opening at midnight rather than 5am which turned out to be super convenient. I was able to get some of my shopping done at midnight, go home and sleep in. After sleeping in until 9am I was back out shopping for pretty much the rest of the day. That night we were roaming around the St. George shopping outlets when Nicole decided to check out the Levi's outlet. The associate started telling us about their new jeans that fit you according to "your curve". Then I saw an ad that asked: Do you jeans gap in the back? YES!! Mine always do. I have a small waist but some junk in the trunk so my jeans never seem to fit my waist right. So I had the associate measure my "curve". I was a "bold curve". I wasn't really interested in buying a pair of jeans but I decided I would just try them on to see if they really fit as well as explained. Then what happened next was life chaning. Yes-

Life. Changing.

The BEST fitting pair of jeans I have ever tried on. EVER. Thank you Levi's. Even better... they were on sale for $34.99. Nicole and I each bought a pair and talked about how amazing they are for the rest of the evening. Best $35 I have ever spent. They are flattering, fit my waist and are ridiculously comfortable. Needless to say I have been wearing them for the past four days. (Don't worry, I have washed them in between) The only bad part is... I only bought one pair. So I just had to share with you the world's best jeans (according to me).




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