Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend & House Updates

I've been busy this weekend.

It started off with Friday and running 15 miles.

This is the farthest distance I have ever ran. Thankful to my friend who ran the first 10 miles with me. At mile 11 I got a burst of energy. At mile 14 my legs got tired. That last mile was not easy.

Friday I babysat for a neighbor. Then the Mr. & I went out to dinner. We took our little love bug with us! We live in Herriman and there aren't very many restaurant choices but our favorite local  place to go is a yummy mexican restaurant: Salsa Leedos. It is also the only mexican restaurant in Herriman. :) Their salsa is so great!

After dinner we headed over to Ikea and bought new dining chairs to go with our new dining table that we bought from DownEast Home.

My Mr. put them all together yesterday.

Then, I spent the entire day painting our bedroom. We went with a wonderful wheatbread color.

We are going to be doing a lot of painting and updates to our home in the next little bit. Can't wait to share them with you as we go!

And today? It's going to be a nice relaxing day. The weather is gorgeous and spring like. We get to head to church and then up to my Aunt's house to celebrate my Granny's birthday.

Happy Weekend,


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