Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recipe for a PERFECT Birthday!

Here is my recipe for an {almost} Perfect Birthday:


1. Have Sister fly in from Maryland to spend the weekend with you. Shop until you drop!
2. Get just what you wanted from the Mr. - a new sewing machine!

3. After running 17 miles with your friend you MUST go get a pedicure with your mom and sister.
 4. After getting a pedicure go to Lunch at Kneaders. Indulge in the yummiest cupcake they have.
 5. After more shopping meet up with all of family for dinner and have them sing to you.
6. After dinner meet up with all your friends and family at the movie theater.
7. Enjoy the movie event of the year: Hunger games.

Mix all ingredients together in one day and ENJOY.


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