Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hotlanta was really good to us two weeks ago. Every morning after breakfast we sat ourselves down on the balcony and soaked up 80 degree weather. amazingness.

J.Biebslanta also supplied me with my hot BF when I suddenly ran into him at the mall, he shouldn't have surprised me like that. but I didn't stop him from taking a pic with me.

Shoptlanta provided some nautical shoes for spring and summer. To look cute you gotta dress cute, to dress cute you gotta shop cute. In addition to the shoes I got a striped shirt continue the nautical esque theme as well as some camel colored capris.

Bluelanta accompanied every one of our nights spent in Atlanta. The pumpkin pecan was perfect to top off everyday we had spent shopping.

Chiclanta, because we eat closer to where it's from, founded, and started. This families motto is always eat mor chikin. Chic-fil-A, do I dare admit was our dinner for 2 out of the five days we spent in Atlanta. If you are judging us right now it is most definitely because you are jealous.

Atlanta was fun and awesome. Loved going and can't wait to go back real soon.



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