Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is in the air

Last week I found my new favorite store: Love Culture. I hardly ever shop for myself. Those of you who are moms probably do the same. I easily buy anything and everything for my sweet baby girl but when it comes to myself I am hesitant. Luckily when I found my new fav store it was also my birthday so I was able to spoil myself. I got several new outfits just in time for spring. I wore this on my birthday and made my Mr. do a photo shoot for me. Ha ha, it was pretty entertaining and only lasted about 2 minutes.

Shirt, shoes, pants all from Love Culture.

It was also really windy.  And yes, if you couldn't tell that is a Mockingjay pin hanging from my necklace. I am no fashion blogger but I just love the new outfits that I have purchased! Bring on the Spring!


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  1. Im with you sister!!!!! That store is so darn cute. I went in there during lunch and didnt want to leave i just wanted to spend spend spend. is a good $$ Priced store and SUCH cute things. You look gorgeous!!!


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