Friday, March 30, 2012

Madrid: day 1

Our first stop in Madrid started with a metro ride over to the Temple Debod. It ended up being closed due to Spain's version of our holiday "Father's day" so we couldn't walk through the main temple, none the less we took a walk around the site. The Temple Debod has amazing views which I'm sure we would be wonderful for the sunset.

This is the view from Temple Debod, in the top left you will see the Almundena Cathedral.

And we course couldn't pass up the first pastry shop we saw. The pastries in Spain are to die for. You can't eat less then 3 day, definitely a rule that everyone must follow...

The first night for dinner, we just happened to stumble upon an amazing pizza restaurant. Seriously sooo good, the sauce is not like your typical sauce you'd get on a slice of pizza here. It's like fresh tomato's on your pizza, obviously my words don't do this pizza justice. Besides the pizza we started off with an awesome Caesar salad topped with some tasty cheese. And not mention dessert was Gelato, it was the simple flavors of a Chocolate scoop & Vanilla scoop... none the less it was the best Gelato I've ever had.

And not to mention there are about a Bagillion statues in Madrid, you'll be sure to find one at every corner you turn. They obviously make for great photo-op moments... clearly.

So there you have day one, we spent most of the day trying to get our bearings and figure out where everything was and where we wanted to spend our time. We were smart enough to buy a 10 ride metro pass and the was the best idea we had the whole. I definitely suggest you use the metro in Madrid it's convenient and so easy to figure out as well as gets you everywhere you want to be.



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