Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick Or Treat

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. Ours was great. Mia dressed up as Minnie Mouse and caught on to Trick or Treating pretty quick. She made sure to go to every single house, ring the doorbell and say "Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat." The person at the door would then proceed to let her pick "one" piece of candy out of the candy bowl. Mia just started grabbing handfuls. I had to stop her each time. Good thing she is so darn cute! We went up to Great Grandma Jones' where she dresses up as a witch and is famous for her witch cackle. We had taco soup for dinner and enjoyed hanging out with family. The hubby and I were lame this year and didn't dress up. Oh well, as long as Mia had the time of her life, right?

Mia as Minnie Mouse- I think the Make-up totally makes the costume that much better!

Her face was priceless. What a great holiday!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! she is wayyyy too cute! ah that just makes me so happy! :)

  2. Adorable! The last picture is too precious!!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  3. I love her costume! It is so CUTE! I agree.. the makeup makes it that much better. :)


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