Monday, November 12, 2012

London. harry potter

These are dark times there is no denying it.
Kings Cross Station, couldn't leave London without doing it.
Platform 9 3/4.

Platform 5.
And I just thought that picture was cute.


  1. Haha I've always wanted to see that at King's Cross! Looks like you are having a blast! :)

    What's in a Name?

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm totally jealous! This is at the top of my wishlist! :D Loving your girls' blog!

  3. My goodness me! These pics really bring back wonderful memories of my trip to London, two years ago. How awesome, you guys rock!!!!:)

  4. I didnt even know that platform 9 3/4 existed! HOLY MOLY I feel bad for my husband because i am not going to stop begging until I am there.


  5. I LOVE IT!!! I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I want to go back to London just to do this! :-)

  6. HAHA! I have a picture doing the exact, same thing. How cool is that! I have to go find my picture now...brings back sweet memories of London. :)

  7. That is too cool, i didn't even know about it:) Awesome pics:)


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