Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Francisco {Day One}

My trip to San Francisco didn't really start out as planned. I had planned on leaving for San Francisco on Friday afternoon at about 11am and meeting up with my Aunt Cathy & Sis in Law Lindsay. I was also flying standby. (I have family in the airline industry, so I thought I would save some $$$) Well, let's just say after spending the ENTIRE day in the airport and lots of tears I didn't make ONE flight out on Friday. My mom decided to help me fly out the next morning so we woke up at 3:30am and headed back to the airport. We didn't make our first flight but made the 8:30 am flight and off we were to San Fran! We got picked up from the airport and we  all decided to head to downtown SF.
Can you tell how happy I was to finally be in San Fran?
(Sis in Law Lindsay, Me, & Mom)
 We headed to Union Square because we needed to pick up our race packets. There was a really long line so we decided to grab lunch first.

My Girls Trip companions!
We were starving and had no idea where to go or what we wanted to eat so we stopped at one of the first places we saw that looked and sounded good: Cafe Bellini.  I spotted crepes on the menu and knew that is what I wanted. I ordered a Chicken Pesto Crepe. After a long wait, we got our food and it was delicious. Even though we waited a really long time to get our food it was still delicious. My Aunt Cathy told me I need to work on re-creating that recipe so you just might see that up on the blog if I don't fail! ;)
Me & My Cousin Brooke - BFF's since birth. We used to call eachother and plan out our outfits so that we could match.

After lunch we headed back to Union Square to get our race packets. The line was TWICE as long and wrapped around twice. It did move pretty quick though. 25,000 women running in the race so of course the line was going to be long!

Lindsay, Me, Brooke & Aunt Cathy 
After we got our race packets we walked around and did some shopping. There is SO much shopping to be done in San Francisco. After walking & shopping we went to dinner at Chevy's Mex and my mom and I shared a meal. We didn't want to stay out too late so we went back to the hotel to get some zzz's in before the big race. 


  1. im excited to here about this race i wish i would have had the money to go

  2. Look so much fun!! That is one place I have been dying to go and have heard so much about! Also, I know that feeling of watching every plane leave without you on it... glad you made it there.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I'm a new follower, can't wait to read more!

  4. I would love to travel for racing again. Looks like fun!

  5. Love the blog! You girls are cuties! Please check my blog out! looking forward to staying in touch :)

  6. I've never been to San Fran but it looks like a fun place to visit!

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