Monday, October 1, 2012

Dried Peaches

I don't know if any of you have ever had dried peaches, but if you haven't you should. Put it on your to do list, put it on your bucket list... I don't care what you do just give them a shot. Alright so I acknowledge the fact that I am bias to all things peach. So maybe don't put dried peaches on your bucket list unless you are me, but give them a try just once.
Many of you are used to to dried apples I'm guessing, well dried peaches in my opinion are better.
Dried Peaches = Candy.


Peel & Slice Peaches.
Place sliced peaches on drying rack.
Dehydrate at 140 degrees until soft and pliable ( It'll take somewhere between five and ten hours)
After let the dried peaches cool enough to put in storage containers
We put ours in ziploc bags and throw them in the freezer to snack on throughout the year.
They make for the perfect quick treat.


  1. These look amazing! I have never had dry peaches! I think i mush try it!

  2. Your blog is so amazing! Love it so much!
    You have a new follower (Gloria Pepe 189 via GFC)! Hope you'll do the same, dear!
    Thank you!



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