Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday

 Rock & Roll with Feelings...
Ron Pope, everybody. A personal favorite of mine, give him a listen.

It's Monday and I'm thinking about music.
Let's talk about our music preferences and how they come about....

Elementary years- Family and siblings, I listened to what they listened to and therefore I thought I was cool

Junior High- Friends. My musical horizons were broadened to hip-hop & rap, and we thought it was cool.

High School- Myself. These are the years everyone tries to find the stuff no one else has heard which ends up being the stuff everyone is listeneing. My favorite is when we all got upset when a bad became popular and like made it on the radio... wait shouldn't we want success for our favorite bands. Oh yeah that's right we are way to hipster to listen to main stream music in high school.

Now (college)- Blogs & Justin Bieber- obviously listen to Justin Bieber everyday so that's a giveaway. But I don't have the time like I did in high school to find cool music so I search the blog world listening to the youtube videos bloggers put up of their favorite songs and from there I search that artist and if I still like them I keep them. Let's just say Blogs are the best way for me to add artist to my ipod it work wonders.

Which leads to my recent discovery... A friend of mine started a blog strictly about music. Lovely Banter. It is great. They are three friends each with different music tastes,  music they love and are inspired by. I love the range of music offered by these three friends, they are adding to my music library everytime I read a post. I would highly reccomend checking out their blog... Lovely Banter


  1. When I saw this on my blog feed I IMMEDIATELY knew who that smiling guy was in the picture. I LOVE Ron Pope. He is such a great singer and he is a nice guy as well, I remember the first time he responded to me and then a while later we talked about bbq ha.

    I wrote about him a while back on my blog but I have been a fan of him for quite some time.

    I feel so happy to see someone else blog about him because I think he needs so much more then what he gets.

    Thanks for this!

  2. This is a very interesting post. I know how music tastes can change.


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