Thursday, October 11, 2012


It is October which means that it is Apple season. My mother in law has a huge apple tree that produces so much fruit. Last year I decided to make some homemade applesauce and can it. It was my first time so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. It was so delicious and we went through 21 quarts faster than I ever thought. As soon as the apples started to ripen this year I knew that I would be making more applesauce. Last Wednesday I went up to my mother in laws and we spent the entire afternoon preparing the applesauce. It would have taken me two days to do that all on my own. So thankful for her willingness to help me out.
Here are the steps to making amazing homemade applesauce:

#1- Grow an apple tree, use your mother in law's tree, visit an orchard or go to the grocery store and Pick your apples. (However, buying them would get pretty expensive!!)

#2- It takes A LOT of apples, so make sure to pick a ton!

#3- Rinse.

#4- Using a apple peeler/corer- Core and peel the apples. You can do it the old fashioned way but it would take you twice as long.

#5- Have the person who is not peeling/coring the apples at the next station. Make one slice through the apple and remove the top & bottom slices and any yucky parts.

#6-  Pile up your sliced apples in a large stock pot. Once it is full pour a small amount of water into the pot. Bring to a boil and let simmer placing the lid on the pot.

#7- Cook the apples until they are really soft and broken down.

#8- Place the apples in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add a little bit of sugar and sprinkle some ground cinnamon in there to make it yummy.

 #9- Funnel the applesauce into jars and process in a water bath canner for approximately 20-25 minutes. (Process time depends on where you live and your elevation)

#10- Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

We thought for sure we were going to double what we made last year but we only ended up making 26 quarts. Still a good amount, I will enjoy it while it lasts!


  1. I have always wanted to make my own, now I have no excuse :)

  2. beautiful photos! Reminds me of my childhood :)

    P.S. I am your newest GFC follower :)

  3. This post is so cute!
    I have always wanted to make my own apple sauce, I should defiantly give it a try sometime soon, especially because my friends own a orchard and I always end up throwing all the apples that didn't get eaten in time in the bin.
    Oh and I love the apple corer that is incredibly adorable! I'd make the sauce just so I could use it.

  4. Ooooh, yum! I'm gonna have to find someone with an apple tree because I sure wouldn't want to buy all those...

  5. this makes me miss my gpa! We used to peel apples in his peeler and it was so cool!

  6. Such an awesome post! :)
    Hey there! :P
    I'm a new follower. Fabulous blog. :)
    Sarah xox


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