Sunday, December 11, 2011

O, Christmas Wreath! O, Christmas Wreath!

I just might have been working on this Christmas Craft all week long but I am pretty happy with the results. It all started on Monday when I got all my christmas decorations out. I started putting up some decorations and even put up my tree this week. Then, I looked at my front door and saw that my fall wreath was still on the door and the problem is... I didn't have a Christmas wreath to replace it with. So I started looking online at ideas on making my own Christmas wreath. I found so many cute ideas for yarn wreaths but then I found this Snowball Yarn Wreath by Two Junk Chix and fell in love. First of all, I loved the grey tones and second of all I loved the texture of the yarn balls. All week my mom and I went on a search for supplies. Who knew that find a styrofoam and/or straw wreath would be so hard???? We literally went to every store and they were all sold out. We finally got lucky at Hobby Lobby the morning after they received a new shipment of inventory.

The supplies I used were:

1 yard of burlap (Hobby Lobby)
Yarn (2 shades of gray, whites, and a natural color)
Silver ornaments (60% off at Joanns)
Snowflakes & Embellishments  (60% off at Joanns)
24 Styrofoam balls - I used 2" and 2 1/2" sizes (Hobby Lobby)
Glue Gun
18" straw wreath (hobby lobby)

 It really was quite simple. First I wrapped my wreath in the burlap . And then really... all you need to do is know how to make yarn balls and how to use a hot glue gun. I just glued the yarn to styrofoam balls and wrapped until my hearts content! Once all the styrofoam balls are covered just glue to your wreath and add desired embellishments and TA DA....

I love it and am pretty proud of myself. And I love how it will also be fitting for January so now I have a wreath for December and January... look at me, killing two birds with one stone!



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