Thursday, December 1, 2011

DVR-less TV (X-factor spoiler alert)

Yes, we are some of those "people" who do not have a DVR. It feels like we are in the dinosaur age without a DVR!! The good thing is, if we miss an episode of one of our favorite shows we can always count on Hulu. Since we can't record our favorite shows, if we want to watch something on TV we actually have to watch it when it airs. Can you imagine that? Last night we got all cozy on the couch and turned on the TV ready for our favorite show Modern Family to start. And what do you know? It was a re-run. That is seriously the worst when you look forward to your favorite TV show and you have to wait another week for a new episode.

The good thing was that since Modern Family was a re-run we were able to watch all of the X-factor without any interruptions. They did a Michael Jackson theme.Can I just say that I am loving all of Simon's girls? They are great, especially Drew and Melanie. Simply amazing.  Tonight we were watching X-Factor to find out who was going home... I guess this week is just not a great week overall for TV watching because I was SERIOUSLY disappointed. I mean, really judges??? You sent home one of the most talented singers on the X-Factor show??? I loved Drew. The most talented 14 year old singer I have ever heard.

Was anyone else stunned that they sent her home? Ridiculous, and you could tell Simon was TICKED.  Maybe I should have voted and now I am not so sure if I want to continue watching the show but I have to becaue I also like love Melanie Amaro. 



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