Monday, December 12, 2011

Holla Dolla Dayzzzzz

It's the most beautiful time of the year... seriously I  be lookin so good this month all the boys are wanting to date me. Real life. Promise. Be jealous.

Here you have a few photos to look at from tonights events. Top left: just an action photo  of the ladies of the night, you want us? Bottom left: my winnings from tonights white elephant gift exchange, an orange t-shirt that says Gardening Alaska with a moose eating lettuce.. you want it? Right: Me lookin like a million bucks and a million pounds I ain't complainin tho cause if I would have arrived on time I would have won the Ugliest Sweater Award, you want to be me?

Hope your Holla Dolla Dayzzz (Holidays) are filled with white elephants, ugly sweaters, and amazing family and friends. This time of year is amazing and obviously brings out the best in me, just look at those pics! aw ya.

Happy Holidays,



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