Friday, February 1, 2013

How We Found Out

 My Hubby wasn't able to make it to our BIG ultrasound. I didn't want to find out our baby's gender without him but I knew I couldn't wait TOO long to find out what we were having. I invited my mom to come to the ultrasound with me and she had a fantastic idea. The night before she bought a boy and a girl onesie and two shipping envelopes. One labeled, "this is our baby" and one labeled, "not this one". At the ultrasound we had the x-ray tech leave the room and put the onesies in the correct envelopes. We met up with my hubby for lunch and opened the envelopes together.
First of all, my mom is the one recording, ha ha
And sorry for the super up-close of me
Here is our video:


  1. Such a cute idea! Cant believe its a boy. One of each is going to be so fun.

    sorry I hate when Im logged in and it does that

  2. aw, what a fun idea!!! you guys are so cute

  3. Yay!!! Baby boys are so cute, especially when they're going through their baby-chubs stage :)


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