Monday, September 17, 2012

Thus Far

Aren't my friends cute! (thanks for the picture Becca;)) We are fun, and watch football together.
We watched  Utah Utes take the win over the BYU cougars, once again! RushonRushonRush. That game was crazy! The weekend was too good to me! It may go down in my top 5 weekends ever... thus far.
Alpine Slides, Park City shopping, Wedding Reception, Football, Movies, Games, Walks, Friends, Family, and Goodbyes.
Yes it was a little jammed packed. I'm kinda playing catch up with real life now that it is over... which means I'm brain fried. Wish the weekend could have stayed forever, but it didn't so here is to this week!!! StudyonStudyonStudy. Can you tell I'm brain fried now? I'm rambling, that's a good indicator I need to be done. okay yeah.

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  1. love these girls!p.s. i love your blog colie, i read it pretty much everyday!


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