Thursday, September 6, 2012

PHOTO SHOOT {2 years}

It was an extra hot day. Mia was a trooper. Probably because she knew she got a cupcake from One Sweet Slice at the end of the photo shoot. Thanks to my Awesome Sister in Law these photos turned out GREAT. They really highlight Mia's personality!
Mia's 2 year photo shoot
Location: Downtown SLC Library


  1. What a little fashionista in the making, she is adorable!! Her outfit is perfection too! PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new outfit post!! :)


  2. Mia is super cute!! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow?
    Found you ladies from the blog hop!
    Your Newest Follower :)

  3. So cute! You can almost see her personality in the pictures, she looks so vibrant!

  4. Oh my gosh.... I love her!! She is adorable!

  5. I love them ALL! Great photos. Those s'mores look delicious! And, Mia....she's beautiful. I love the teal heals. Such a precious photo. ♥


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