Saturday, September 8, 2012

Camping, Fishing, Tinfoil Dinners, S'Mores - OH MY!

Last week we went up camping for six days. My father in law purchased a toy hauler trailer this year so we stayed in that...which pretty much felt like a hotel compared to your regular "camping" experience. How do you even go back to normal camping? I don't think you can! Mia had a blast running around exploring all around her and finding sticks and rocks to play with. I enjoyed my time being "unplugged" from the world and had some time to read a book in between exploratory walks with Mia. 

Mia talking a walk with "boo-ma"
 Seriously breathtaking scenery

"Mama, a stick"


Buh Bye

We did a little fishing and Mia caught a fish. She was pretty excited and even touched it. Then it started flopping around and she got a little scared.But if you ask her if she caught a fishy she says "uh hu!"

We had some camping olympics which consisted of Bolo Toss and Horseshoes

More time fishing...
 Our little family
{Me without make up- it was a nice little break from getting ready everyday}

We made some tinfoil dinners which was my favorite meal that week. We waited until the last night to make them too...delicious.

And of course camping isn't camping without a fire and some toasted marshmallows & S'Mores. My hubby got a little carried away and started making "gourmet smores". He just might start a food on the look out!

 I love the serenity of the mountains. We are truly blessed to have such beautiful surroundings. We had such a great time I really can't wait for next year.


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  1. Wow if I had a scenery like that I would go camping all the time. It looked like a beautiful day and you posted lovely pictures. Your little girl has a beautiful smile. It is worth seeing everyday.
    I am following you now. Please follow back.


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