Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wisconsin bound

Speaking of rings........
There is a reason we've been 5 days hiatus.


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I'm getting married!
I feel like I've told the proposal story at least 87 already,
but I'm willing to make it 88 for all you readers.
I'll warn you though, it's long... so prepare now...
or just read the last paragraph.
So It all started Thursday night when I was at school that night when I got a text from my man chris breezy (family joke). continuing. It read "So I sent you a late birthday present in the mail a few days ago, but change of plans I want to be there when you open it." If you think my face went bright red and that I had a grin on from ear to ear you'd be right. I was completely freaking out mixed with a little nervousness. I knew this meant it (the proposal) would happen this weekend, how and when was a little foggy at this point still. continuing. The family was all gone Thursday night so I knew it wouldn't be then so as we played ping pong that night I was without worry. At the end of the night we made plans for dinner the next night (friday) at six. He seemed pretty casual as to the plans so I wasn't reading into it much, although I figured he wouldn't do it saturday then fly out sunday morning because that would just be lame. continuing. Friday came and I was getting caught up on homework when the mail came. I went out to the mailbox to find the package Chris Breezy had told me about. Now you must know Chris Breezy obviously lives out of state so when we talked about getting married officially and picking out a ring I would always joke that I didn't want there to be a crowd, I didn't want it to be on temple square, and that he could just send it in the mail so he wouldn't have to be inconvenienced with a proposal. Obviously I was joking about the mail thing. But when I saw the package I began to think Chris Breezy was craycray. You don't send a ring in the mail. Or do you? Let me just say I got that package and inside I could feel something that was most definitely in the shape of a ring box. I freaked, texted him, and said can I just open it. He responded with "up to you.... but you should probably just wait till dinner." The kid knows me like a book and knows I love to open present and packages, so he had to be thinking I'd open it. Which made for a good enough reason for me to not open it and wait. continuing. He came and picked me up and told me we were going to city creek. We drove by the conference center and parked on the back side of it. which I thought was weird but whatevs. So as we walked along the east side of the conference center he told me he wanted to go this way which was walking on the conference grounds. UM hello chris breezy did you not here me tell you I didn't want watchers for this big moment. I was smiling through my agony and he could feel it. So we walked up the stairs to the roof of the conference center and he told me to open the package. I started and opened it up to see a ring box and I kind of gave him a laugh that was a bit like a laugh you do just in case this is real and you need to be happy but it also gets the point across you aren't happy about this as well. He could read all the emotions I was having and just kept watching me with a grin. Low and behold inside the box was a GIFTCARD to the cheesecake factory. Funny Chris. real funny. But really it was quite relieving. We went to dinner, not at cheesecake cause it was packed, but nonetheless we had dinner and I completely forgot the whole idea of him proposing tonight until he said as we walked out from dinner that we had one more place to go. Obviously I knew at this point it was coming.
We got in the car and started driving up to the avenues where we went to city creek canyon and looked out over the city where we had no one to watch us! We had a good chat which after he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, oh how I love that kid. Now here we are. I'm engaged! The countdown begins and now the blog will get an overload of wedding updates, plans, breakdowns and more.
andddd did I mention another countdown begins... it's the one where I move to Wisconsin with Chris Breezy....AHH!


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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! Can't wait to read all the wedding updates!!!!


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