Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When my dad ordered an Omega juicer a few weeks ago I laughed and thought he was joking, come to find he wasn't. We made fun of the ridiculous purchase he had made every day. Finally the juicer came last week and he was beyond excited, like little kid at disneyland excited for reals. He had researched every little thing about juicing in the weeks prior, so he was fully prepared to tell me all about it every time he juiced. It's awesome, I can now repeat everything he has learned. So here are a few tips to juicing.

  • Buy organic, when you juice you use twice as many vegetables or fruit.. the pesticides in conventional fruit isn't good in large amounts.
  • Drink your freshly juiced juice immediately after juicing... otherwise the nutrients will oxidize and you want all the nutrients you can get.
  • Don't mix fruit and vegetables, they don't mix in your body well it will cause gassiness.... the only fruit you should mix with vegetables is granny smith apples... dad says they are amazingly packed with nutrients. plus they taste good
  • If juicing carrots use the left over carrot shaving for your carrot cake it would be delicious.
  • Don't try to eat the left over shaving in hopes of getting added nutrients because it is just fiber.
  • Sometimes the color is a little intimidating... obviously green and orange isn't made to result in a beautiful enticing color. 

So I know you are looking at this thinking really.... this is just some stupid health thing. Okay so maybe it is healthy and that's why I kept drinking at first. BUT honestly I'm picky and it wasn't all the bad. Here is my suggestion and this is what I did, my first try at this I had one swallow because I was nervous it turned out to not be horrible sweeter than expected, but just weird. That's all I had though was a swallow I didn't want to overwhelm my tastebuds with weirdness, instead work into it. The next time I just had a small glass full and I drank that up and actually wanted more but I just kept to the small glass full, and this time I had a larger glass full and I am hooked. So it was halfsies the nutrient packed drink idea that got me to try it, but I love it! It is weird I won't lie, but the carrots and apple really sweeten this up. Here it whats in this brown juice.

Super Juice.

2 1/2 to 3 cups of kale (kale is nutrient packed and I don't like it but in the juice it's great)

1 cup of Spinach (another nutrient pack food that you'd never know was in this mix, feel free to add more spinach)

4 regular Carrots

1 Granny Smith Apple

Put into juicer and let the juicer do it's job.


  1. These are some great tips, and the recipe sounds tasty!

  2. Awesome recipe thanks for sharing! New follower :)


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