Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maternity Sh-maternity

One thing I dislike about being pregnant is having to wear maternity clothes. I try to push it off as much as possible. I think that when I was pregnant with Mia I only bought 1 or 2 actual maternity tops and when I finally had to, maternity capris & shorts. I am now 19 weeks and not looking forward to when I have to start wearing maternity pants but until then I have been wearing leggings like there is no tomorrow. Good thing they are in style, oh and comfortable. My favorite pair I like to wear are from Kohl's. They are the Vera Wang Denim Leggings. My mom bought me a pair just before Christmas (when I had a melt down because my pants were getting tight). I love them so much I just went and bought another pair last week after my mom said to me, "I've noticed you wear those almost everyday, you should go get yourself another pair." Thanks mom for stating the obvious but it did get me to realizing that yes, I did need another pair! They are so comfy and I don't feel so frumpy in them.

Here I am sporting them on Christmas Day, and I have worn them several times a week ever since.

I always find the best items at Kohl's. Thanks Mom!

What do you wear when you are pregnant? I am open to suggestions!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. those are cute! i still haven't bought any maternity pants yet either and i just really don't want to! haha. mostly i just hate buying clothes that ill only wear for a little bit. I'm a cheap wad. haha

  2. I'm so happy to say that I've been able to wear (most of) my regular clothes throughout my pregnancy. Some pants are too tight, so I have a limited number of jeans I can wear, and now that I'm 40 weeks, a lot of my shirts don't fully cover my belly so I wear my boyfriend's t-shirts. But I'm so thankful because I have not had the money to spend on expensive maternity clothes!



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