Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Ipad mini, I love you. I spend countless hours with you. You have made blog stalking 47 times better. Dear 2012, I still feel like you haven't left me! Where did that year go? Oh well on to... Dear 2013, cheers to another year! Dear cold weather, I have had it up to here with you and I'm ready for you to bring it back down to a ten. I've never been so ready for warm weather. Dear cold, you are stuffing my nose, clouding my head, bothering my sleep, and making my nose red. Can you just be done with you.

I'm Linking up with Ashley today.


  1. This is super cute! Love your blog, especially all your cute Christmas pictures. I agree, ipads make blogstalking fairly effortless : )

  2. You've got such a cute little blog! So glad I found you two (:



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