Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrappy Minky Quilt - (Free Pattern!)

My mom is a major time quilter. She loves it and she is pretty much amazing at it. I never understood her love for fabric or why she loved making quilts so much. Then, I had my baby girl and started to see fabric in a whole new light. When we were picking out fabric for her nursery I fell in love with fabric. Literally, my eyes were opened. I never knew I could love fabric so much! My mom made my baby girl a gorgeous minky quilt. What is Minky you ask? Minky fabric is a plush, microfiber fabric. It is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch- pretty much to die for! My baby girl loves her quilt, she kisses it and hugs it and gets excited when she sees it. One of my really good friends is having a baby girl and is due any day now! A couple of months ago I decided that I really wanted to make her something and thought... I will make her a quilt! (My very first quilt that is.) Her nursery colors are red, gray, green. I wanted something that would somewhat match her nursery but something that her baby girl would love and so I decided a minky quilt would be perfect. I put together some super cute scraps and here is the result:
I pieced it all together and then sent it to a quilter to be quilted together since I obviously don't have a quilting machine.
 You can't really tell but the black minky that is on the boder is also on the back. It has a kind of a paisley design to it.
 Up close and personal-

And here is the pattern (you're welcome!)

Minkee Quilt

1 3/4 yards- 60" Minky or orther plush fabric
2- chenille or minky fat quarters, 2 different colors (Prefer not to use chenille as it tends to bleed)
6- 6 1/2" strips mix of other coordinating fabrics
1/2 yard binding fabric

Minky: cut 1- 47"x47" for back
cut 2- 5"x36 1/2" for borders
cut 2- 5"x45" for borders
cut 11- 5"x5" squares

Chenille/Different Colored Minky:
Cut 6- 5"x5" squares

Cut 7-5"x5" squares from each of the 6 fabrics

Body of quilt is made fomr sewing 8 squares across by 8 squares down. (64 total squares). Use 1/4" seams. A walking foot will eliminate the stretching ofthe plush fabric or make sure to use a lot of pins. Then add borders.

Quilt together back & front (I sent to a quilter) Then bind together.

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  1. I seriously Love this so much!!! I cant wait to snuggle up with lainey she is going to love it. You did such an amazing job!!!!!! Love you lots!


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