Monday, December 17, 2012


Saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert and The Hobbit all in one night. Talk about too much sitting. Lets just have a little run down of The Hobbit though To start with I have never read the book, so my opinion is already invalid... I'm just going to give it to you anyways.

I didn't fall asleep, but I almost did... I know I know that is ridiculous. BUT. cut me some slack it was the 9:50 pm showing of a 3 hour movie, after a night of MoTab Choir Concert. With that being said it was good and I got nervous a couple times during some intense parts but none the less it was still a journey to a place they weren't even half way too and I kept thinking this is either going to have a quick ending or it hasn't actually been 2 and a half hours. So let me just say, I have never been so happy for an end of an unresolved movie to come. Don't get me wrong it was good, but it was long enough that when the credit rolled up and the movie wasn't resolved I wasn't the least bit mad.
My suggestion if you haven't read this book and aren't a Lord of the Rings fanatic, save this movie for a time earlier than 9:50 pm or for when it comes out on dvd and you can watch it in the comforts of your home.


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  1. Hi you guys, Know the feeling. Sat through a movie, feeling so tired. I felt like putting match sticks in my eyes to keep them open. lol.
    Will prob see The Hobbit on DVD though. xoxo


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