Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to the ATL

We are officially here in the ATL having a grand ole' time with the family. We had good luck and Mia was pretty darn good on the flight here. I love getting off the airplane and immediately feeling the humid air. I know some people dislike humidity but I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and I don't have to worry about continously applying lotion or chapstick. We slept in the next morning and decided to lounge around at the pool. This was a genius idea so that we weren't struck with jet-lag.

One thing you must do when you go to Atlanta is SHOPPING. After swimming we headed out to the North Georgia Premium Outlets. Also, they have the best selection at Marshall's so make sure to check those out too!
{My dream purse...Orange Michael Kors. I had my MIL take a picture of me so I know how good it looked on me ha ha}

After shopping we were starving. My hubby had seen a billboard for some Southern BBQ and since we are in the south he felt that it was a perfect choice. We were a little worried because sometimes he chooses sketchy places/dishes to eat. We decided to try out Big D's BBQ.  It was a pretty small BBQ place with a giant pig on top of the restaurant. Uh-oh. I don't eat pig. Luckily they had chicken! :) It was pretty delicious, my favorite part of the meal were the hush puppies. Pretty good choice by the hubs.

Classic Pig Pic

Great first day in the ATL. Today we went on a tour to Chic-Fila, World of Coca-Cola and The Aquarium- more on that next time.



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