Monday, July 23, 2012


And the next food network star is......

Shocking, Not at all. I am well pleased he won. He was by far the most creative, out of the box, best cook on the show. Congrats Justin. And now down to the knitty gritty, I hated the way they filmed the last show it was beyond anti-climatic. I even felt a little awkward watching it. Better Luck next year.
In other news- (still on a complaining note) I am very disappointed. Very Disappointed. In the way that they doing SYTYCD this season. I don't understand why they keep changing it every season. I don't know like maybe pick a way and stick with it longer. It just is ridiculous this season especially. Does no one else feel the same way??? If it weren't for the incredible dancers this season and Adam Shankman I'd be long gone. Also I'm need of a little more Nap & Tab routines. That is all.



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