Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Early Christmas present

Remember how I stayed up late and went Black Friday shopping? And while I was out the Mr. was doing some online shopping. Well, he found a steal that we just couldn't pass up. And the other day it was delivered to my front porch. I was in the shower and the Mr. comes running in with the huge box in his arms and says "Look what just came!!!". He had already taken it out the box and put it together by the time I was out of the shower and I couldn't wait to try it out. What was it you ask??

A Dyson DC33 Vacuum

Yep, we are that excited about a vacuum. It was a christmas present that we bought with the Christmas $$ my parents give us each year. But there is just no way I could wait until Christmas to vacuum my house with it. Are you kidding me??? It is so light, quiet and easy to manuever, I absolutely love it. And guess what? Even the Mr. was caught vacuuming the house with it. (I should have taken a picture of that!) Best Early Christmas Present EVER.



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